czwartek, 29 grudnia 2011

Heey snow! Sup?

Yesterday me and my friend smoked one funny cigarette in the morning. Of course next thing we do was watching videos on yt and listening music. We were listening to

and chilling, but suddenly we decide to press that funny snow flake button. And here it is.  It was funny and epic as hell, when snow start to cover him, and music change from chilling state to more aggressive part when (in our minds) he realize that he can't move and soon he will be whole covered in snow, but at beginning he likes that cold feeling, just aewsome.

My friend's personal feelings - "snow started to overwhelm poor little eddie, who looked so "I don't give a shieeet" high"

Damn crocodiles, i see them everywhere. I remember one stony night, me and couple of friends outside getting baked, suddenly everybody starts to see fucking pigs in the clouds shape. Pigs and couple of women's breasts.

Fucking pigs ! Flying !

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