piątek, 16 grudnia 2011

It's late at night

Today i was sitting with my bro, talking about life, women, drugs, alcohol etc. No single fucking smoke stream was seen this night, but damn i felt almost stoned. How many of you guys have a problem with defining the meaning of life?. How about experience? there is probably some smart philosopher who came up with this wrote it somwehere and nobody give a fuck about this. Use your brain power,  if you still do not know what is the meaning, remember about good things in ur life, about happiness etc, and about bad experience, like being beaten, or... getting caught with pot : ). Nobody will fucking take it from you, this is your experience. You live feeling things, if you feel you live. I live for experience, i'm trying to not hurting anyone while earning experience. It's all about getting smarter. It's whole about passage through life. 

Beautiful Fractal like image from : http://www.jackhaas.net/art_Digital_Fractal_art_cosmic_harmony.htm

People, start to be good for each other, and we will be living in better world.

Don't know if any of these words are incorrect or not. I tried to, so sorry for errors. Shit probably whole text makes no sense.  

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