środa, 14 grudnia 2011

Smoking weed isn't bad

I'm pissed when someone forbid me anything, explaining that with their stupid arguments. For example, in Poland you can not legally smoke marijuana, because according to the government, people are quickly addictive and will die from smoking this drug. Who the fuck gave them the right to judge whether something should be legal or not?,hmm i know, the voters! but I haven't voted on the current government.  They do not even care about the results of laboratory tests, trying to convince people that marijuana is evil, and other nonsense. But i have my own opinion about drugs, firstly i only smoke weed this is the only drug that i use. For me is more than just drug, it helps me to open mind and inventing things as a result. I'm peacefull, helpfull and probably annoying person who laugh all the time while inventing stupid jokes. Never hurt anyone (maybe once), but will be better if i was still drunk and beat bystanders for nothing, or for money (so i can buy moar vodka). Actually maybe this is why government don't want to legalize MJ, people will start thinking. Not closing in their rooms and turn brains into offline mode by legal drugs. So they will live in their lovely country and buy new things and crying that politics are bad etc. I fucking love weed, even if it sometimes goes to smoke some shit.. unknown origin should prompt politicians to care about health, but they still do not want us to know what we smoke, think about it.

Yeah, religious people may be pissed off. 


PHOTO : http://www.cannabisworldwide.com/roll-a-joint.html

I will try to post more photos with my mindfucks. Winter ahead, so there will be more time to seat on the ass and getting stoned. I wonder  if writing about getting stoned is legal or not? If you know it let me know so.. i will be informed  : )

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