sobota, 17 grudnia 2011

What the fuck

Today my brother came to city and wish me happy birthday and other shit. Then I, my brother and his girlfriend  went to the mall ( fuck i hate it), ok it's my brother  he's from the country side so i will help him moving in the city. So i went with them to that shitty mall and spend 5 fucking hours in it. I know this isn't a biggest problem in the world, but WTF, how long you can walk around shops looking for don't know what.
It was damn tiring, cold, warm, frustration, nausea, hunger, thirst, headache, stomach ache and other like this.It seems to me that I passed in this hell of 10 km or something like that. 

Music : 
  This is the last weekend before christmas, so thousands of people went to the malls to buy presents for families and other shit like this. Finally i left that hell with half pack of smokes and 0.7 of Jack Daniels. Now i'm enjoying my chair good drink and good music. Sorry but my limit of stay in mall is max 1 hour, with pain in the ass. 
When I go to the mall, and I see all these stands, good looking people, tanned guys and very tanned girls,  and all those screaming kids, i want to fucking shot myself to reduce the pain.
No offence Mall loving people, but  if you are going to the mall in your free time, only to walk and maybe buy some shit, or looking for shit better than other shit you got problem with yourself, or you just don't know what to spend money for. I mean, fuck, you don't need all of those things
To be clear, I did not want to go there 



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