piątek, 28 października 2011

First post is about starting

I type very slow... You know that guy named Carl Sagan? If it is scall like "1 to Carl Sagan, how high you are?" i will be definetly on Carl Sagan (sounds bad)

picture from : Facebook Carl Sagan's page

Here is some stuff from Toast Bread, so amazing pictures of whatever you want on just little one sandwich. ( actauly on few of them)


First we got some Daffy The Duck afraid or something or swallowing, hmm maybe just a car looking backward?, i mean just a half of car.

Ohh this picture is almost perfect in my opinion, you can iterpretate this on a lot of ways but have to look from diffrent perspectives.

On third photo we have angry dog with standing ears, looks like proud of something or something like that. But he looks for me just like a temple, you can see doorways under his head, or is just his body

My imagination make pictures like this everyday, but mostly do it when i'm high on canabis 

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